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I have a question about my royalty check. Whom do I contact?
Royalty Check – Brenna Behnke
909 ESE Loop 323, Suite 777
Tyler, Texas 75701
fax: 903-526-5477
phone: 903-705-4228 (direct)
Division Order Form – Jyll Richburg
909 ESE Loop 323, Suite 777
Tyler, Texas 75701
fax: 903-526-5477
phone: 903-705-0833 (direct)
What is a Division Order?

A division order is a directive signed by the royalty owner verifying the purchaser or operator of a well and the decimal interest of production owned by the royalty owner.  Also, it provides the owner’s address and tax identification number (TIN).

What happens if I change my address or marital status?

It is extremely important that we are notified when an interest or property owner changes their address.  Failure to do so can result in a suspension of revenue.  Address changes must be received in writing and must include the signature of the mineral owner.  Please send changes to SEM Operating Company LLC, Attention: Land Department.  Include, as applicable, your old/new name, old/new address, and signature.  Please include your social security number for verification.  We must have a certified copy of your marriage certificate or divorce decree in order to confirm the change and to update our records.

Does the Division Order have to be notarized?

No.  The Division Order does NOT have to be notarized.  The signature(s) must be witnessed by two persons NOT RELATED to the party signing.  We must have two witnessing signatures in total.  These signatures are to verify that you are, in fact, the person who is signing the Division Order.

What happens when the interest owner of a property dies?

It is imperative that we are notified when an interest or property owner dies.  Once notified, the deceased owner’s revenue will be held in suspense until receipt of the proper probate documents or affidavit of heirship is received.  Upon notifying SEM Operating, you will receive directions describing what must be received to transfer the interest of the deceased owner to the appropriate parties.

What documentation is necessary in order to make an ownership change?

We will need RECORDED copies of the documentation, such as a Deed or Assignment, etc., from the County in which the property is located PRIOR to it being sent to our office.  Copy of such document(s) must have evidence of the recording (e.g. the recording stamp) on it.

Where can I research unclaimed funds?

Each state makes an effort to locate rightful owners of production revenues through a single organization, holding the funds forever until the owner is found.  To locate and collect unclaimed funds, please visit the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators (NAUPA) website at

What type of annual statements will I receive?

Royalty interest owners receiving more than $10, and working-interest owners receiving more than $600 annually, receive IRS Form 1099.  This summarizes your total payments and tax withholdings for the previous year.

What do I do if my check is lost or stolen?

If your vendor check is lost or stolen, call Accounting at 903-705-0845.  For lost revenue checks, contact Revenue Accounting at 903-705-0835.

When are royalty payments suspended?

For your protection, royalty payments are suspended upon a title dispute, the assignment of interest, notice of death, transfer of property, or in the event of no known address.  Keeping your information current can prevent this inconvenience.

What state regulatory agency can I contact regarding my property?

Texas Railroad Commission
Phone: 512-463-7200
Web: www.RRC.state.TX.US/

When will I be paid?

See the “Payments” section of the “Instructions to All Interest Owners” page for a full explanation of the revenue payout schedule.  Most royalty owners will receive a monthly check.  Small amounts are accumulated and paid as stated in your division order, usually $50.  Most states also have laws that affect this policy.

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